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December 07, 2009

OnAAiR: Episode 18 – MOB Media
- MaryAnn Frattarole, Search Marketing Strategist

This week Marcus Vadas sat down with the boys from MOB Media. I got to hear how they started their shop from humble beginnings and turned it into successful media company. Enjoy the interview!

OnAAiR: Episode 18 – MOB Media

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October 19, 2009

- MaryAnn Frattarole, Search Marketing Strategist

Orange County advertising agency veterans MOB Media Inc. in conjunction with MOB Media Studios video production has teamed up to offer a leap in advertising ROI through VEIL Encoding for broadcast video.

Video Encoded Invisible Light (VEIL) is a technology for encoding low-bandwidth digital data bitstream in video signal, and is a fairly recent technology that provides a truly valuable and viable method of tracking and verifying broadcast video.

For “non-techie” folks, this means that each frame of the video is encoded with an invisible tracking code that enables fast and automatic verification of broadcasts and the tracking of direct responses to each broadcast. In the “old days” of 2006 and earlier, media staffers would have to collect affidavits from stations for each and every broadcast to prove that a paid spot aired, and in addition create an assumption that a particular ad would result in direct response calls during a certain time period.

For instance, if a spot was paid to run at 3:00pm an assumption would have to be made that direct response calls for that ad would come in between 3:00pm and 4:00 pm. Then, a media staffer would have to wade through a tedious line by line call report and pull and match each direct response call to try to match it to that ad to measure the ROI of that advertising. Unfortunately, this old manual method resulted in lost results for responses outside the predicted response window degrading the advertising ROI.

VEIL encoding technology offered by MOB Media, is an invisible tracking code is embedded right in the video that is automatically read and verified for the date, time, and station on which the spot aired. In addition, software tracks direct response rates to those ads. MOB Media can verify ads within 24 hours and provide detailed reports to clients that used to take tens of hours to be prepared manually.

This technology, once reserved for Hollywood and Los Angeles broadcast studios is now available in Orange County either through the encoding of your existing video, or as an addition to your broadcast-quality video production projects filmed by MOB Media Studios professionals.

For more information on VEIL Encoding, or video production services, contact MOB Media Studios @ (949) 222-0220.



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